Image of lettering that spells "Kris Shelton Anderson" in Tribal font from

Dallas area artist Kris Shelton Anderson works in a multitude of media to be able to express her full creative self.

Original artwork by Kris Shelton Anderson depicting a full figured nude woman

An expert artist and teacher, Kris Shelton Anderson offers fine art for sale as well as teaching all levels of students.


  • Art classes privately

  • Painting and drawing 101

  • Paint like Bob Ross

  • Sculpting

  • Jewelry making

  • Face painting

  • Art marketing

Kris enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with students of all levels, from beginners to those who are already familiar with the basics. In each class, she strives to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where students can explore their creativity and learn new techniques. Whether you're looking to try something new or brush up on your skills, her art classes are a great way to get inspired and have some fun!


Image of a female cosplayer with long brown hair and blue face dressed in "The Mask" costume costume—wearing a yellow suit and yellow hat

The Mask

Image of a cosplayer in an Anubis costume created by Kris Shelton Anderson
(Photo by Kris Shelton AndersonCC BY 4.0)


Cosplayer wearing a Gorn costume created by Kris Shelton Anderson

Star Trek Gorn

(Photo by Kris Shelton AndersonCC BY 4.0)