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Art Services

Kris provides the following expert art services for people in her community

  • Kris makes costumes for private clients as well as volunteers her skills for Groups such as Burning Globe, a Burning Man theatre Troupe and Radiant Solz entertainment Group.

As a community artist, she designs and constructs costumes for private clients and volunteer groups. Burning Globe, a Burning Man theater troupe, and Radiant Solz Entertainment Group have commissioned her to design and create costumes. Throughout her costume design and construction career, she has worked with a variety of materials and techniques. She provides high-quality, creative costuming services to individuals and groups as part of her commercial art practice. Her commitment to art fosters creativity and self-expression in the community.


  • Art classes privately

  • Painting and drawing 101

  • Paint like Bob Ross

  • Sculpting

  • Jewelry making

  • Face painting

  • Art marketing

As an expert artist and teacher, Kris offers a variety of art classes in her community. Students learn painting and drawing 101, how to paint like Bob Ross, sculpting, jewelry making, face painting, and art marketing. From beginners to those who are already familiar with the basics, Kris enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise. As a teacher, she strives to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where students can explore their creativity and learn new skills. No matter what your skill level is, her art classes are a great way to get inspired and have some fun.

Community Efforts

In her role as fellowship liaison at NorthPark Presbyterian Church and respected member of the Dallas arts community, Kris created the Body and Soul classes. Moreover, she taught both children's and adults' Sunday school classes. Throughout her teaching career, she was dedicated to her students and eager to share her knowledge. As a result, she has been able to become a leader in her community. She has also exhibited her work in several galleries and art shows in the local arts scene. Several awards have been presented to her for her contributions to the arts field, and has received mentions in "The Dallas Morning News." Through her hard work and dedication, She has established herself as a leading figure in the Dallas arts community.

Past volunteer efforts:

Over the years, Kris has been involved in a number of volunteer efforts as a well-known community leader. Besides serving as president of the Presbyterian Women's group at NorthPark Presbyterian Church, she has also worked with Habitat for Humanity, Genesis Women's Shelter, Lighthouse for the Blind, and Dallas Makerspace. As a passionate advocate for social justice, she believes every person deserves a safe and comfortable place to live. Due to her tireless efforts to help those in need, she has made a profound impact on the lives of many people in Dallas.

Currently Volunteers with:

Kris volunteers with Happy Heart Heroes, 501st, and Radiant Solz. As well as organizing fundraising events, she provides emotional support to those in need. In addition, she raises awareness about the importance of giving back to the community. Due to her efforts, she has contributed to the improvement of the community as a whole.